What Makes State Line Special

February 28, 2019

As the leader of one of the strongest clinical teams available in Substance Abuse Treatment I would love to share what makes State Line Treatment Services Special. I’ve witnessed our staff crying with the clients over the pain that drug addiction causes. I’ve witnessed our staff staying late at night waiting for someone’s ride to show. I’ve witnessed staff giving rides home for clients. I’ve witnessed our staff gathering food and clothing for those who have lost everything. I’ve witnessed our front desk staff greeting 20-30 people knowing each and everyone’s names, not only clients but their families too. I witness our staff working as a team with clients to make recovery successful. Clients are never just a number at State Line. If you want to be respected and cared about come join our group. You will not regret your decision.
-Amy Erhardt, State Line Treatment Services President

Two people holding hands in comfort at State Line Treatment Services: Addiction Treatment in Ohio