NYTimes: Drug Linked to Ohio Overdoses Can Kill in Doses Smaller than a Snowflake

September 7, 2016
Woman being consoled at support group at State Line Treatment Services: Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Addiction is a disease and addicts deserve to be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect 

The recent influx of overdoses in our area has been yet another nightmarish reminder of how devastating the disease of addiction really is.

In response to this brutal reality, State Line posted signs in an attempt to reach out to people who were either suffering from the disease of opioid addiction or knew someone who was.  Our hope was to offer options to people whether through our program or help them find another program that might better suit their needs.

Surprisingly a number of people from various communities notified us that they had removed our signs.

People are using opioids at the risk of overdosing and possible death, utilizing not just heroin but fentanyl and carfentanil as well.
Jim Neil, Hamilton County Sheriff, was just interviewed on the evening news.  He made a comment indicating “we cannot arrest ourselves out of this.” What an insightful and powerful statement.  Responding to addiction must be through treatment, not punishment.

Be part of the solution.  Let’s all take responsibility to get the word out.   We can help people heal by giving them safe options and the support they need to seek treatment.
Executive Vice President
Lu Carson, R.N., C.A.R.N.., L.S.W.

Link to NY Times September 5th article